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Bodyjam - NEU!



Even this semester we are exclusively offering the BODYJAM course - the worldwide famous cardio-dance-workout by Les Mills.


Each Wedenesday at 6:45 PM in the HF (Gronewaldstraße 2) with Verena!


What is Bodyjam?

Bodyjam is a fusion between the newest dance-styles with the hottest club sounds. We offer you this course in cooperation with LES MILLS. You will have fun and sweat at the same time. Bodyjam is a cardio-workout in which you can loose yourself dancing, at the same time you will do a hard workout. The choreography will be repeated each week, so you won't need much time to learn it.


Your training results:


*Again and again you are learning the newest dancemoves and are breaking free from your everyday life

*You are improving your coordination, your feeling for your body and your cardio condition

*You are supporting your self-confidence

*You are stimulating your metabolism


For all newcommers and everybody else who wants to go further Verena is offering a 10 minute BODYJAM DANCE SCHOOL. There she is showing some dance moves slowly for improving your feeling for the technique and musculature.


This is your chance to profit from the exciting, funny and sweaty dance workout from Les Mills!

Tag Beginn Ende Niveau Ort Bemerkungen Anmeldung Kursausfälle
Wednesday 18:45 20:00 HumF during lecture and lecture-free time