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Beachvolleyball (kostenlos!)

´Skyball` and `Poke-Shot´; Sun and beachfeeling...Where? At Zülpicher Wall 1. and Poller Weg 1.

Beach volleyball is different concerning tequnique and tactic from traditional volleyball. The mastery of the basic technology is indispensable. In addition, due to the reduced number of players, beachvolleyball requires universal abilities (reception, seting and attack). The fin courses are taking place under every weather conditions and a continous participüation is desired. In the Friday course, the focus is on the match by itself and on playing in a relaxed atmosphere. Online registration below, 3h before the course.

Bitte unbedingt die Spielniveauangaben beachten!


This course is for those who want to learn the basics elements of beach volleyball. You will be taught technique and tactic.


Methodical learning of beach volleyball specific techniques (basics, pass, Shot, Rainbow, Cut, Poke, Knuckle, Dig, Beach-Dig, Block, Fake Block et alt)


This course includes the repetition, stabilization, enhancement and maintenance of beach volleyball tequniques. Those are advanced tequnique and tactic training, as well as individual aspects. This course is for the competetive athlete.

Casual Friday: On Friday we play in relaxed atmosphere. Online registration below, 3h before the course

Registration Vacation-time:  05.07.2019 12.00 pm until 08.07.2019 (12.00pm) on this website. 



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