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If you want to become a Gliding Pilot, this is the spot where to do it. AKAFLIEG Köln e.V is a Glidinggroup which enables the begin of a fascinating Hobby.

From April until October we spend Saturdays on our airfield Dahlemer Binz. This airfield is not only located in beautiful nature, it also has perfect meteorological conditions and almost unlimited airspace. Comig from Cologne, the airfield can easily be reached by train, but we also organise carpools to make the journey even easier. At the beginning of each semester we offer an introductory course to gliding. Furthermore, we offer especially cheap conditions and flights for students in Cologne, starting at 8 Euros. As Gliding primarily is an adventure sport, you should just show up and experience your first flight!

You can find more information under www.akaflieg-koeln.de

Place:    Seminargebäude S16

Time:     Mi., 16.10.2019, 19.30 Uhr  (Introductory Course)