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Rackets, 11 players on each side, one ball – football? No! The ball is red, the players wear long trousers and the rackets are wooden. It is cricket, the number two of the most played sports worldwide.

Now we have it in cologne! Team spirit, respect and especially fun let the cricket clubs in Germany grow. 

We have an international team with qualified trainers that help you to learn how to play cricket. You will learn how to throw the ball (Bowling), to hit the ball (Batting) and to catch the ball (Catching). Furthermore you get to know why we have a traditional tea break.

Cricket is a spectacle with its own rhythm and not the team with better technique will win, no it will be the team which keeps a cool head.

Are you interested? Come to our training!

Tag Beginn Ende Niveau Ort Bemerkungen Anmeldung Kursausfälle
Saturday 10:00 12:00 Katharina-Henoth-Gesamtschule only during lecture time Damen
Saturday 12:00 14:00 Katharina-Henoth-Gesamtschule only during lecture time Herren