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Party Hard – Play Harder!

Do you want to get to know the „fastest game on two legs”? Lacrosse is a trend sport, which offers fun and physical fitness. The Native Americans have already known it.

Laws of the game: We play with a dip net racket and try to throw the ball through the adversarial goal. The opponent certainly tries to avoid it. The distinction between men and women lacrosse is that men play with physical contact. That is why men protect themselves with equipment similar to American football equipment. 

 Result: Lacrosse is a pioneer sport, which combines ambition, success and fun. If you want to get to know new people and have a lot of fun, come to our training!

Please register before you come: info@cologne-indians.de

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Tag Beginn Ende Niveau Ort Bemerkungen Anmeldung Kursausfälle
Wednesday 18:30 20:00 KKHT only during lecture time Herren
Wednesday 19:00 21:30 KKHT only during lecture time Damen