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Do you know Feather-football, Hacky Sack or Indiaca?

Sepaktakraw is a sport, which combines these three elements. It is the fastest ball game worldwide and fascinates though the acrobatic and dynamic way of playing.

Two teams with three players play on a badminton court. They try to play a rattan or synthetic ball with their feed or other body parts (but no arms). The ball must not touch the ground of your own court, but the one of your opponents. You are allowed to touch the ball three times on your side (similar to volleyball).

You will learn how to control the ball and use the indidekick to pass it to your team mates. With acrobatic elements like flips, bicycle kicks or overhead kicks you will score.

Ever for beginners it is fun to juggle the ball and learn more about ball control.

Recently we have more women teams.

Sepaktakraw is a professional sport in Asia. That´s why we have already participated with the Hochschulsport team three times on a world championship.

Moreover we compete with our new team “Takraw Cologe 03” on other competitions in Europe (Swiss Open, French Open etc.) the whole year and host the Cologne Chicken´s Cup in November.

The times will only be announced at the beginning of the semester, please revisit our website then.