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Ultimate Frisbee - Indoor

Ultimate is an action-packed team sport played with a Frisbee. It is a run-intensive game without physical contact where two teams compete against each other. Indoor we play 5 vs. 5, outdoor 7 vs. 7. The goal of the game is to catch the disc in the opponent's end zone and thereby score a point before the opposing team can capture it. Whoever holds the disc, however, is not allowed to run. The result is a fast, tactical passing game in which athletes race to run, throw and fly.


Above all, the first rule of Ultimate, the "Spirit of the Game". For all players, this puts the emphasis on sportsmanship and fairness during the game, despite the desired high level of combative effort. Without referees, the sport depends on everyone knowing and applying the rules, treating each other with respect and prioritizing fair play. Right up to the top of the world, this makes for a unique, warm-hearted community that looks forward to welcoming you soon!


In this course you will learn the basic rules, techniques and tactics of the Ultimate game. This includes different types of throws as well as offense and defense strategies. In every training session the spirit of the game, fun and team spirit are in the center. 


What to bring: sports trousers, light and dark coloured shirt, indoor shoes, water bottle, mouth/nose protection for the locker room and hallway areas.


Not sure if the sport meets your expectations? Feel free to write to us if you have any questions!




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