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Tai Chi Chuan

Course 1:
The student of Tai Chi Chuan combines body, breathing and imagination in an aware way by using extensive, slow, relaxed and fluent sequences of moving. Inner balance, increased vitality, improved concentration, activated self-healing abilities and a higher body consciousness are only a few of the beneficent effects, a constant training can cause.

Course 2:
Basic positions, the main principle of Tai Chi Chuan and a small form of the Yang-Style (10th form) will be learned. Furthermore we will practice a warm up exercise which is still used by the Shaolin. (8-Brokate-exercise)

Course 3:
Beginners will learn the contents taught in A1, advanced beginners will learn another short form (16th form) and some first knowledge concerning Tuishou (partner-taiji) and some new warm up and health exercises.