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Unicycle hockey

Yes, you are right! Unicycle hockey is exactly, what you expected it to be: HOCKEY on a UNICYCLE! No Ice hockey, field hockey, freestyle biking, or bike ball. Unicycle is a mixture of all those sports (maybe there is some Basketball in it too, because we avoid body contact).

It is a ball sport practiced on a unicycle and we think it is a pity that it is not an Olympic discipline yet! Two teams play against each other. Every team consists of four field players and one keeper. We use hockey sticks and a tennis ball or an ice hockey ball to shoot on ice hockey goals. Because fairness is a requirement, we do not use any further protection except a helmet, knee and arm protectors.

It is necessary to bring your own unicycle (with clean, bright wheels), your own protectors and your own hockey stick.

Access is only possible within the first two weeks.

Limited number of participants!

Tag Beginn Ende Niveau Ort Bemerkungen Anmeldung Kursausfälle
Monday 16:30 19:00 Rendsburger Platz 1 during lecture and lecture-free time Beginn: 25.10.21