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Krav Maga

According to the demands of many students, we have a new course, it´s Krav Maga! Translated from the Hebraic language, Krav maga means close combat or contact combat. This martial art, which was developed in Israel, is a tactical self-defence system that can be learned quick and easily.

The principles, Krav Maga is based on, are simple and universal! Based on natural reflexes, they are easy to learn and even in a stressful situation easy to recall. Furthermore, Krav Maga can be used by everyone, no matter how tall or strong you are. This is the reason why Krav Maga is specially recommended to women.

Access is possible at any time!

F-course (advanced course): You will lern to improve your technique. You already should have some experience to join this course! 


Tag Beginn Ende Niveau Ort Bemerkungen Anmeldung Kursausfälle
Wednesday 20:30 22:00 Bernhard-Letterhaus-Straße 17 during lecture and lecture-free time Beginn:ab dem 03.11.2021 https://anmeld…