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"Event with kick"

Taekwondo is the classical, Korean self-defence with a high efficiency. No other combat sport developed the leg technique more powerful and more precise than Taekwondo! Using this kind of self-defence, it is easily possible to defend even against weapons. Taekwondo is not only an art of self-defence; it is, since Sidney 2000, an Olympic discipline, too. 50% of our active participants are female.

The education is structured in courses from the white belt (beginners) to the black belt (masters). The possibility to take part in an exam is given and helps to motivate you. Exams for higher grades and the Dan-exam can only be taken in associations.

New: www.taekwondo.uni-koeln.de


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Tuesday 19:00 20:30 Lindenbornstr. 15-19 during lecture and lecture-free time https://anmeld…