A blue sky, a few little clouds and a group of stout soarers standing at the airport “Dahlemer Binz”. If you are interested and willing to transform into a soaring pilot, you are right here! The AKAFLIEG Köln e.V. as a soaring group offers you the possibility to start this exiting hobby! April to October we work on our little airport every Saturday. Our airport offers a beautiful landscape, good meteorological conditions and an almost unlimited airspace. It is easy to get to our airport by using the train, and of course the will be carpools, too. At the beginning of every semester we have an information evening at the university. For students of Colognes universities, we offer reduced conditions, so that you can make a “test flight” for only 8€. Soaring is a sport that is based on experiences, so feel free to take a look and make your first flight! 

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Place: Philosophikum S93
Time: 11.10.2017 (Informations)  19.30pm