Sports sea shipping license (SSS) – compact

The sports sea shipping license allows you to drive every sailed and motorized yacht in every kind of nautical area with a maximal distance of 30 miles to the next coast, including Baltic sea, North sea, English canals, Irish and Scottish sea, Bristol canal, the Mediterranean and the Black Sea.

The SSS is a requirement to drive sport boats which are used for commercial purposes and traditional ships with a length from 15 to 25 meters (at the coasts).

The SSS is based on the knowledge of the SCS (not obligatory required). Your knowledge of terrestric navigation will be extended by learning about electric navigation like ECDIS, GPS, RADAR and AIS. You will learn how to predict tides all over the world by using the Admirality Tide Tables. Further extended knowledge in ship mastering, meteorology and nautical law is necessary!

Navigation: In this discipline all relevant themes according to terrestric and electronic navigation (RADAR / GPS / ECDIS) with due regard to wind and tide are taught.

Compass: diversionary control and tide prediction according to the ATT.

Ship mastering: Yacht mastering, yacht leading, manoeuvre and security.                                   

Nautical law: International admiralty law, KVR, SeeSchStrO, VO, seafaring, limitations for mudflat and national parks.

Meteorology: terrestric wind systems in Baltic Sea, North Sea, northern Atlantic and Mediterranean, development of high- and low pressure areas, evaluating the weather according to your own observation, drawing weather cards

In order to get the SSS, you have to pass the theoretical exam within 24 months ant the practical exam within 36 months.

Required qualifications for the exam:

- sport boat driver´s license sea
- minimum age: 16
-proof that you worked for at least 1000 sea miles as watch captain or deputy watch captain in coastal waters (after you passed the SBL Sea)

This course will be led with modern techniques of presentation by qualified instructors. The necessary themes are presented in a compact and interesting way. Practice exercises will be distributed, controlled and corrected by mail. To participate in our course you will need the previous knowledge gained in the SBL Sea and SCS course.

The acquired theoretical knowledge in navigation, nautical law, ship mastering and meteorology are especially important to lead a ship in a responsible way.

The transfer of the acquired knowledge into practice during our educational trips aims to improve the security for ship and crew. Our educational trips to the Baltic and North Sea take part on ocean-going yachts that are specially prepared for the practical exams. These yachts will be mediated by the HOCHSCHULSPORT.


Sa. 21.10.2017
Time: 11:00 am

Price:140 € für Studenten

         260 € für externe Teilnehmer

excl. costs for the examen
Registration is possible until 12.10.2017