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Fit for the challenge!

More and more people find themselves fascinated with everything that there is to the sport of golf.

Because of the high demand in the past, we are now offering you an extended course in cooperation with the Golfclub „Konzept-Golf“. In this course, you will learn how to drive off, how to put and how to master the bunker game on a big green for beginners.

The teeing grounds on the golfcourse are heated and have rooftops, it is therefore possible to train the whole year regardless of the weather. The course will be held with a minimum of 6 participants. It will be held once a week for two hours and run for a total of four weeks. If one course should happen during a public holiday, the course dates will all happen one week later. If you participate, you will be able to freely use the golfcourse during the time of the course, therefore one whole month long!

The number of participants is restricted, if too many should apply, the decision will be held by lot.

Price: 30€

Registration: Mon, 28.10.2019 (12:00) until Tues, 29.10.2019 (12:00) under www.hochschulsport-koeln.de or in our App

Begin: 05.11.2019