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Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking is a joint-friendly way to train almost every muscle in your body! Almost 400 muscles are stressed by actively using your arms and legs. The focus is on the muscles of your upper body part and your back. Many muscles that intend to weaken are effectively stressed. Compared with jogging, your joints are less stressed and your spine is less clinched. A positive effect on the cardiovascular system has to be mentioned.

This course has to be seen as an introduction into the usage of the walking sticks, which gives you the ability to continue the training on your own. The complete equipment will be provided and the course is for free!

Date: Sat, 30.11.2019

Time: 10:30 - 12:00

Place: HumF

Registration:  Thurs, 28.11.2018 from 10:00– 12:00 in our Hochschulsportbüro I in the UniMensa