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Escrima / Kali

Escrima aka Kali is a martial art with or without weapons, which was invented on the Philippines. You will learn how to use and how to defend against weapons like knife or cane. In a second step you will learn to transform your new experiences on objects of daily use like pen, umbrella, book, mobile phone and many more. You will get to know how to defend yourself, independent from your physical strength and constitution.

This course is especially useful for women!

Escrima / Kali is not only effective, it´s also very joyful!

Access is possible at any time.

For more information go on: www.martial-instinct.de


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Friday 19:00 20:00 Martial Instinct Center (Deutz-Kalker-Str. 124) during lecture and lecture-free time https://anmeld…