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Creative Hatha-Yoga

Creative Hatha-Yoga works on body, breathing and mind. The focus is on a fluent change between tension and relaxation as well as on an interaction between breathing and moving. Following this concept, your body will be stretched and strengthened. Physical, mental and emotional presence, awareness and balance will be promoted.

The essentials include simple body and breathing exercises as well as meditation. An essential element is the sun salute, a dynamic sequence of body positions.

The varieties include challenging body positions, creative varieties of the sun salute, and additional meditation techniques. Sounds and voice are used more frequently.

In the course breathing & meditation we focus more on meditative techniques and less on the body. Guided and silent meditation, sound meditation and dynamic meditations (for example: Heart-Chakra, Kundalini, Latihan) are practiced.

Please bring casual clothes, ground pad, seat pad, a towel and some water.

Creative Yoga is relaxation and tension, breathing and moving, sound and silence.


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