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Climbing (free!)

Climbing course for beginners deep within the heart of cologne!

In cooperation with the “Kletterfabrik” we offer to you a beginner course in one of the biggest indoor climbing halls in Germany. Climbing harness and safety equipment will be provided. Climbing shoes can be borrowed for a reduced price. Please do not forget your hall shoes!

Climbing is not the only activity you can boulder and slack line, too.

This course is only for beginners!

Those who cannot come to the first two dates will be excluded!

Important: Caution (20€) will be collected in the Hochschulsportbüro before the cours starts. For each date you will get back 5€ if you are present.

Limited number of participants!

Only one date per person!

Registration: Online or in our App: Sun, 27.10.2019 (12:00) until Mon, 28.10.2019 (12:00)

Begin: 04.11.2019