Are you fit for the challenge?

Nowadays more people discover the fascination of golfing. Because of the high demand from last semester we extended our offer in cooperation with the golf club “Konzept Golf”.

You will learn how to drive off, what trap or putting means and other basic elements of golf. Our big green golf links have roofed and heated tee cabins, that´s why we can ensure training independent of weather conditions.

Limited number of participants!                   

If we have too many registrations, we choose by lot.

Our courses take place with at least 6 participants.

We practice once a week, over four weeks.

If we have a feast day, we postpone the meeting until next week.

Registration online: Sun.; 30.04.2017 (12:00 h), till Tue.; 02.05.2017 (12:00 h)


HERE: Online Anmeldung!

Price: 30 €


Start: 08.05.2017



Monday15:00 - 16:00 1) 2)Konzept Golf
Saturday10:00 - 11:00 1) 3)Konzept Golf
  1. Lecture period only
  2. Beginn: 06.11.2017
  1. Beginn: 11.11.2017