Motorboat education intensive (theory und praxis)

Theoretical und practical education incl. material

Motorboat education intensive in Cologne is a course for the official driver’s license for sport boats in sea and/or inland water. In this course you prepare for the exam (your driver´s license). After you passed the exam, you will be allowed to drive sport boats up to 15 meters length in inland water and/or open sea. You will also be allowed to drive sailing ships and motorboats without a length limitation.

The theoretical lessons are on 4 evenings. The cards for your navigator ship and the tamps for knot craft will be provided. The further preparation for the exams will be made in individual self-studies. The practical education will be on a 8, 5 meters sport boat with an inboard motor of 280 PS on the Rhein and in the Rhein-harbor. The practical lessons will be in small groups of 6 students and will take about 7 hours. Dates for the practical education will be arranged, depending on the weather.

First meeting with theoretical introduction:

Place: Philosophikum S65
Time: Mon. 05.02.2018   19.00 pm

Students: 280€ for combined sea and inland, excluded is the examination fee
Non-Students: 340€ for combined sea and inland, excluded is the examination fee

Limited number of participants!
Registration from now on in the Hochschulsportbüro I/II.