Mountainbike Trail and Technik Tour

The tour starts directly at the train station in Nettersheim, it's for beginners with a normal fitness level. Within the first kilometers you will get to know your bike. Afterwards you will lern to drive, to brake savely and so on. Later on you will lern to drive in curves, uphill and downhill. It's always possible to ask questions! It's possible to have a drink together in Urft after finishing the tour.
  • Bike and helmet
  • Drinks/Snacks (You don't need to bring anything)
The Territory:
Nettersheim is situated in the east of the northern Eifel. You are going to enjoy a very beautiful kind of nature.
How to get there: There is a train which goes directly from Cologne to Nettersheim (ca. 1 h) 

Dates:                Sa 22.04.2017

                         So 23.04.2017

                         So 30.04.2017

                         Mo 01.05.2017

                         Sa 13.05.2017

                         So 14.05.2017

                         Sa 20.05.2017

                         So 21.05.2017

                         Sa 24.06.2017

                         So 25.06.2017

                         Sa 01.07.2017

                         So 02.07.2017

                         Sa 08.07.2017

                         So 09.07.2017

                         Sa 22.07.2017

                         So 23.07.2017

                         Sa 29.07.2017

                         So 30.07.2017

Place:                Start Nettersheim Bhf - Ende Nettersheim Bhf oder Urft Bhf

Time:                11:45 Uhr – ca. 16:30 Uhr

Price:                 Day 25€