Voice radio license (UKW)

UKW maritime radio „Short Range Certificate“(SRC) and UKW inland license (UBI)

This course helps you to prepare for the exams. The licenses are needed to be allowed to use the corresponding devices on board. They entitle you to take part in the international sea rescue system "GMDSS", as well as in the inland maritime radio.

Radio systems are not only a device to communicate with other boats; they are an essential security device on board, too. They are used to call for help and send information to the referring rescue stations. Take care of your own safety and the safety of your crew! A mobile phone is no replacement for a radio system. Furthermore you will get a fee of 150€ if you have no voice radio license as a skipper. On almost every charter yacht, a radio system can be found and you should be able to use it!
The SRC license is only for the maritime radio. In the inland, you will have to use UBI. For those who like to travel to the Netherlands, the Ijsselmeer and most parts of the mud flats count as inland.
Our courses do not only provide you the acquired knowledge to pass your exams, they will also train you for the daily practice on board.


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